We make the world more practical

Automation as change the the way we interact with the world.

Project, development and execution

  • Development, coordination an execution of global automation solutions.

Inspection and supervision

  • Team management, overview of technical aspects, legislative and financial.

Diagnostic and repair

  • Identification of the causes of a nonconformity, repair or guidance to a clear solution to the problem in hands.

Professional development

  • Specialized technical courses, in automation, electronic actuators, industrial communication systems and human-computer interfaces.

Renovation solutions and expansion of installations (Retrofit)

  • Product updating for obsolete technologies or products that don´t fit the standard.
  • Expansion/modification of installations with products and solutions that actually adapt to the needs and demands required.

Maintenance contracts

  • Services based in specific maintenance contracts, intended to guarantee a high degree of continuity of service for the system in question.
  • Reserve parts management.


  • Identification of commercial and technical solutions that most fit the appropriate needs of the client.
  • Technical audits to implemented or under study systems.
  • Backups of existing application softwares.
  • Placement services for specific products, namely programable logic controllers(plc), variable speed drives, soft starters, alarm systems via GSM, man-machine dialogue systems, supervision soft-wares, industrial communication network, KNX and DALI devices, among others.